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Jes: "No, but i'm a good friend..."

*Jes drives the van to a safe spot...*

Jes: "Here's the deal: There was that universial vaccene that the UN made a few months ago, which co-encidently there was that chemical leak that was thought was a world-wide biological attack. Surprisingly all the countries wer ein so much shock over it, there was no war! Everyone droped everything and was with their families. But after the mist cleared, no effections, no deaths, NOTHING!"


*Davin jumps into the bank again, and fires the next grenade at two demons, killing them instantly. The other two Davin quickly disbatched with intense blows to critical area's with Davin's sword...*

*The fifth demon, claped...*

???: "Good, very good." *looking at Davin's appearence*


Jes: *continuing* "How ever, that same chemical was infact the vaccene, it was disigned as a genetical 'cure' for everything, and it was also made so it traveled the wind currents at encredible speeds." *pausing for a sec.* "Two days before the incident, that vaccene flooded into both of mine and Davin's home town. it town was quarentined. We were all treated like we had been exposed to serious chemicals in the air. Also no illness, or deaths, infact a good precentage of people were feeling better then they have in their lives. However, in Davin's sitiation, four days later he flat out passed out, his reparation was at 0, heart rate, also, just a very very small portion of brain activity. Fourteen hours later, just as mysteriously he had been when he fallen to the gentic vaccene, he awoken. two days later, about 1.2 mil roughtly we had counted had the same experience."


???: "There's the demon I'd hoped for to see..."

Davin: *raising sword, pointing at strange man* "What the hell do you want!?"

???: "You have no clue what could happen to you. It all depends how you put the basis on your life..."

Davin: "What?"

???: "Choose hope instead of dispair, redemption might be in your grasp. Choose dispair, you might lead us all into damnation."

Davin: "I don't lead no one..."


Jes: "It's a certain gene that all of us have, its just that its rare that some of us have that gene active. That gene reacted with that chemical called a vaccene, and it mutated all those whom had the active gene."


*??? spreads his own wings, and holds out his own sword.*

???: "Damnation or Prosperity! Your choice!"

*??? charges at Davin, whom is prepared for an attack.*
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