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Onscene reporter: "Jane, we are going to try and stay here as long as it takes. although things have quieted down a quite a bit, a uniformed officer has entered the building." *sees Bulitov.* "There's another demon walking right for the building. Hold on a second."

*Jessica follows Bulitov, carring a shotgun.*

Reporter: "There is a female walking behind the demon armed with a rifle."

*sees the effect of the 'black hole'*

Reporter: "Soemthign strange had happend to the national guard that attempted to stop the two from entering..."

Jes: "Wow, you kinda have that effect with personal space, huh?"

*Jessica seening that she can't follow Bulitov through the window, runs for the stairs. loading the shotgun*


*Davin twitches a little, still knocked out.*

*unseen to Foley, the demon mysteriously vanishes.*

((Not in thin air, just if Foley turns back around, the body isn't there...))
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