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decussion: C9: Vampires

BD: The older the Vamp the more powerful, in this case Vertmor, Sertmor and Kvana aren't nessarly older, being ressurrected and all, their bodies are as powerful as when they "died"

with my Vamps my rules are more Blood Omen and with a small dash of Interview with a Vampire (meaning i only use IWV's rule about creating a vamp ) ^_^

a Vamp is created by teh 'victum' drinking the Vampire's blood, the more purer the better 'potenal' the Vampire has ^_^
Meaning: The Vamps created before when Vertmor was using the adapted body of the Fused Irvine, those vamps the he created arent as powerful when he's in his "actual" body. Which now that he is, Vampire's the he'll create now and those whom are created after that one, would be generaly more powerful.

Vampires that are just created are known as "Fledglings" becuase their appearence is more closer to when they were human. Also their resistences to the elements (most things that a Vampire would be weak agenst) are weak. (btw: Garlic and Crosses are gay to use. :P)

As the Vampire get older, and a few centuries pass, The vampire has the opion to sleep for a long peroid of time and allow his body to evolve and grow even stronger. In the case for Vertmor, and Sertmor (Redwing's Vamp is different, he can choose to go by my rules or not (to a cartain point or not, his choice)) their bodies already when through at least 5 or 6 of these evolutions, so they aren't weak. Also their resistences also increase, ability to walk in the daylight, water doesn't scorch their skin, etc.

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