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Re: decussion: C9: Vampires

Garlic may not even exist in this dimension. But Deac decided crosses, holy water and the like do, and work against vamps, so...

Kvana's breed is different from Vertmors in several ways. Long ago when the two races coexisted, Kvana's breed was the more common, and older race. They didn't have the ability to evolve more 'powers' like Vertmor's breed, a specific vampire lineage created by the vampire Vorador. At at least one point in time, Vorador's childer acted as a sort of ruling class in the vampire underworld, along with the more powerful "normal" vampires. The vampire mage Kvana Clare the Second was one of the latter. Kvana's breed do not have innate magical abilites on the scale of Vertmor's (for example they have no shapeshifting abilities). They have no vulnerability to silver.

Any other information/clarification needed?

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