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okay, just clearing up that fact.
becuase there shouldn't be 100% usage of all the info from those 'historic' documents and such.
not only that to use all the common rules of what can be heard from Buffy or not (Becuase frankly i know a good portion of you watch but i don't i think its retarded the movie was better)

Rules to my Vampires (Reguardless or not, anything else they arent mine and i will ignore it, reason: I should be able to have say with races that I bring into the RPG or I should be able to have characters from races that currently can not.):
  • Garlic sucks, regaurdless if its used for a purifying purposes, it doesnt effect them in any way.
  • Holy water hurts just as bad as normal water.
    Sunlight scorches any types of fledgelings (young no evolved vamps).
  • Holy symbols harm to a certain extent, maybe like contact with it and 'looking at it'. Just as long as its a holy one, peroid.
    wooden stakes have to pirce the heart all the way through, they dont 'poof'.
  • Silver hurts, does not make 'poof' although silver stake kills vamp much faster.
  • Vampires are not supposed to be easy kills, these are people whom supposed to have 0 knowledge about them, at least give at a little more respect on that. at least i'd attempt to, i see posts about 5 to 10 vamps dead by two guys, and they jsut shrug it off, its not cool. (I'm pissed at this one. Vamps are supposed to be scary, becuase this sort of thing hasn't been delt with in this universe in a very, very long time. Hell maybe the vamps jsut might 'die' off in Mrear 2 (not serious)) No one is friken 'buffy'.
  • These vamps can shape shift into these basic 'wild-life' or nature elements: wolves, bats, warewolves (the more half wolf, half vamp), Mist (a cloud of gas).
  • Vamps do get stronger as they age, this won't be a strong issue in this rpg for the fact that we are rpging within a few weeks and not centuries.

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