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Originally posted by Redwing
No, you told me they poof, so I said they poof, and BD said they didn't poof, and I told him yes they do poof, and he said ok, they poof. You'd better correct him
Um, confused now...

...I didn't say *I* invented vampires. Neither of us did. And you've specified everything except for the cross thing, which was Deac.
No, I ment it like even if I know the specs and history of a race in this RPG, I can't have a character with in it. Of course I created my things, but mainly due to that I feel like i have to compete agenst those races becuase alot of those details in them make them better then a typical Jedi (the Aesir VS a Jedi = a dead Jedi)

I rest my case
not cool. :P

Wouldn't that just be an 'ordinary' vampire Jedi?
Um, i thought i said in IM about those vamps can feed off of all types of blood, but they also use Midichlorains to do more force driven abilities along side their typical Vampiric ones.
Due to their undead bodies, the Midichlorians die after a certain point of time or prolonged use of the midchlorains.
So in order to recharge them the vampire would have to feed off the blood of at least a force sensitive

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