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Closer to the films if...

JK2 would be closer to the films...

-if sabres didn't move slower depending on your fighting style. (A light sabre weighs only as much as its hilt. Red stance should not move the blade as if it weighed 30 pounds!)

-if sabre ability were more focused on defense rather than offense. (in the films simply being tapped by a sabre would severely wound a jedi. Improve the game realism by allowing jedis to improve their defense tactics, leading to more exciting battles where one well targetted strike could end the fight)

-if there were a wider variety of fighting styles. (Jedis are not limited to blue, yellow and red stance... or even purple or orange. Jedi, like martial artists, have different styles that differ more in posture and sword striking techniques.)

-if players couldn't just allocate points to boost their ability. Instead, it would be better if their amount of battle experience and percentage of wins were to determine a jedi's power. (A jedi that had fought 2000 battles and won 90% of those battles would be a jedi master, giving the player access to new moves, force powers and bonus abilities. On the other hand, a player that had fought 2000 battles and only won 10% of those fights would remain a warrior)

These are just some of my thoughts. I'd be happy to read some of your ideas about how this game could be improved to more closely match the films.

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