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I see three problems with saber throw:

1-You throw it faster than you attack with blue style.
2-The "bug" with throwing then pusing which makes it unblockable.
3-In the movies I've never seen anyone moving any faster than walking (emperor with lightning) while using the force, but here you can throw your saber and roll, flip, run, jump, or even use other force powers.

I think you should be mostly defenseless while throwing (if you are controlling the saber's path with the force instead of throwing it then pulling it back), only able to walk, and unable to jump and use the force (or make it so when you do one of there things while moving the saber with the force, the saber drops to the ground).

This saber to the ground part made me think about something... will there be a punch (or just unarmed) "weapon" in MotF? (I don't really like it being an emote, punching while holding a rocketlauncher look silly, and makes the "victim" perfom the damaged animation, which is even sillier considering being hit by a saber or a rocket doesn't force this).
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