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Depends who's doing the smacking, and who's being smacked!

Yoda could lift an X-wing! I doubt some random joe trying to knock a saber under HIS control is gonna get very far. I would compare that to a flea trying to move my hand by head-butting it...

The second point is true, but again, for a powerful enough Jedi, I really don't see the possibility of the saber being smacked away being an issue...

And yes, if the Jedi is right in the middle of a massive ruck, I don't think the phantom-sabering idea would work at all - your right about that.
But what I'm talking about is a Jedi who has managed to keep hidden from the main battle. In which case, he isn't directly in the middle of the combat - and so can therefore keep his concentration...

But all I'm saying is - just because a particular trick or ability should be 'possible' in theoretical terms, doesn't mean your true to the movies if you include it - that's all...

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