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I was just trying to make a point about defining what movie realism is, and now somehow we've moved on to the meta-physics of the force!!

Your blank refusal to recognise I have any kind of valid point is driving me mad!! Mad I tell you!

You know, I'm not positive that the exact nature of the force has been proven as yet. There were theories that it follows classic particle theory, with the force interacting through force-packets - if you will.
But now I do believe modern evidence shows the force exibits properties of particle / wave duality....!!
I may be wrong, but your argument could be pure conjecture.

Personally, I think more tests are needed...

'Frank, could you get OB1 back into the test-lab and get him to wave the saber about with his mind some more - we need conclusive results God Damn it!! And don't let him bloody mind-trick you again this time...!'

Dooko can stand in the middle of a fire-fight and not get a scratch ... because it's a film!

Han, Luke and Chewwie can fight their way through a death star and save the princess ... because it's a film!

The force will be with them - always ... because it's a film!!

You don't have to have written a thesis on the force to discuss movie realism!!

*Holds head in his hands and softly sobs!*

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