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Sadly, my in depth response written this afternoon never made it to the board... :: sigh ::

Here is the short version of what I wrote:

Sabre tossing isn't unfair and it isn't unsuitable for the game. A Jedi having the ability to control it in flight and return it to his hand is also on par with what we've seen in the films.

Jedi in game and in the movies have proven that it isn't the weight of the object that matters but the mastery of the force. A Jedi that has a rudimentary understanding of the force cannot use it to manipulate a pencil to write his name but could probably lift a rock easily enough. On the other hand, a Jedi master could lift an X-Wing without breaking a sweat and then likely force knit a sweater with the force if he had a mind to.

All this to say, that a Jedi sabre tossing his opponent and switching it's direction mid-flight to chase him down would seem to fit with what the movies, books and games have already told us about the force and how Jedis use it.

What this all boils down to, IMHO, is that people don't like losing and when someone with good timing begins sabre tossing it doesn't take long for the opponent to die.

In reality, the whole "shields" concept also seems a far cry from the films. To my knowledge Darth Vader, Obi Wan, Luke, Yoda or any other jedi/sith character never wore personal shield generators and one tap of a sabre could disable or kill a person. With that bit of evidence, it's quite clear that the real issue isn't that sabre toss isn't fair or consistent with the films, rather it is just the complaining of those who don't feel very heroic by dying.

As many people who complain about toss, you will find who also complain about DFA, lunge or anything else that ultimately defeats them.

~ Kray San Gin
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