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You don't have to have written a thesis on the force to discuss movie realism!!
It's much easier to simulate something if you have clear concept of the rules of the system.
You don't have to get angry about it. I'm just trying to have a conversation.
Jedi in game and in the movies have proven that it isn't the weight of the object that matters but the mastery of the force.
The dialog of the movies and the on screen actions are a bit contradictary on this subject. It's pretty obvious that lifting a X-wing with the force takes much more concentration and effort from pulling a map crsytal across the room. If the mass, location, or velocity had no effect on the effort level. Jedi could easily fly, knock down buildings with the force, etc. This has never been shown by any of the jedi (even Yoda). I believe the dialog is suppose to mean that your "oneness" with the Force makes you able to do "impossible" and your belief in something being "impossible" holds you back (and not that "everything is possible"). Sorry, that sounds very confusing.

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