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Arrow Postlude to Holocaust Discussion (Part II)

The first thread was rather cluttered, so here's a new space.

First, a couple things I'm afraid people have forgotten:
[list=1][*]The group is not going to get to actually use the Time Matrix, or if they do, will be unable to stop the Holocaust. Remember, Cantina 7 has to happen.[*]At the end of the story, which will last ten quests (one down, nine to go), all remaining characters in the group will be (somehow) transferred to the main Cantina-verse.[/list=1]

Second, I have a question. Do we want to make a thread per quest in PtH? Since there will be ten quests, that would make eleven threads (counting the two already made) and maybe a finale thread. Or should there be a thread per two quests, or just base it on length/cliffhanger-worthiness like the Cantina threads?

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