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Originally posted by razorace
. . . It's pretty obvious that lifting a X-wing with the force takes much more concentration and effort from pulling a map crsytal across the room. If the mass, location, or velocity had no effect on the effort level. Jedi could easily fly, knock down buildings with the force, etc. This has never been shown by any of the jedi (even Yoda). I believe the dialog is suppose to mean that your "oneness" with the Force makes you able to do "impossible" and your belief in something being "impossible" holds you back (and not that "everything is possible"). Sorry, that sounds very confusing.
On the contrary, this makes a lot of sense! In fact, I think we're on the same wavelength, pretty much.

Again, I don't believe mass has much to do with it but, as you put it, a jedi's "oneness" with the force.

True we don't see jedi flying around or destroying buildings with the wave of a hand BUT we also notice that jedi have only so much time to manipulate the force. In other words, using the force (despite the size of an object) seems to wear a jedi down. Which means, that the force depletion in the game is spot on with the films.

Ultimately, it seems clear that a master jedi could easily sabre toss with precision and return the blade and that based on our discussion we seem to have all pointed out reasons why it isn't off course with the films.

One thing that I would actually like to see added to a mod and the films would be a Master Jedi ability to spin a sabre about their body in a cyclone to create a temporary shield. This would aid in defending against multiple direction blaster shots or to ward off multiple opponent sabre attacks. It would only last a brief amount of time, but possibly long enough to get to shelter.

On that note... perhaps we can shift this discussion to whether personal shields in JK2 should stay or go. Any thoughts?

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