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Good point. Your oneness comment is exactly what I'm talking about. You can technically fly and knock down buildings if your "oneness" (or Obi-"Wan-ness") is good enough but the fatigue cost for any normal Jedi is too high at least in the "Collapse of the Force" era (PT and OT). We've even seen partial forms of these uber abilities in the Yoda vs. Dooku fight and the various Force Jumping and safe falls.

Depending on your fanboyness, you could say that pre-Collapse Jedi were much more powerful but there's no onscreen evidence on how much the Jedi's Force powers are "demnished" during the Collapse. I'd assume that it couldn't be too much of a difference because the Sith haven't shown a huge difference in skill levels above the Jedi AND civilians would catch on if the Jedi went from Dragonball Z abilities to their onscreen levels. I imagine the largest difference is in the Jedi's remote viewing abilities.

A Saber Cylone is a no go in my opinion. A fury of saber blocks would be more practical and cooling to watch in my opinion. We're shooting for a much more involving defense saber system, so such a force power would distract from the main event.

Shields gotta go. The team's opinion is to replace them with body armor. Heck the source code refers to the shields as armor. It shouldn't be hard to change. Bolted on visual armor shards are probably doable with the ghoul2 system but I'd need some serious modeller help in such a event.

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