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Ah, but my friend, in this little corner of the web you are outnumbered!

True that this game is based on a movie of science-fiction and that good ol' Lucas can change any facet of the film any time he chooses and also true that the force is not based in scientific fact BUT this area of the message board is about discussing features of the game that do or do not comply consistantly with the information already given in the films so far!

I can't tell you that sabre tossing is appropriate because George Lucas is about to have a scene in the upcoming film that depicts sabre tossing at its best because it hasn't happened. I can, on the other hand, discuss its relevance in relation to the gameplay based on what I have seen, though, and this is exactly what we've been doing.

I don't mean any offence by this, as I'm sure you know. I'm simply pointing out that this discussion was brought up because from what I've witnessed in the films and after hearing many players complain I felt there was enough evidence to back up sabre toss in the game.

As for personal shields... I think they need to go. The only sabre defence I'm willing to stick with are the shadow troopers who wore armor that reduced sabre damage. That, at least, was a more creative way to handle the damage system.

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