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You know. I need to get other MotF team members to post here. I sound like freak talking in the third person all the time. :P

As for the objects, the speed of movement seems to depend on the mass and the Wan-ness of the mover.

The Vader armor issue has been talking to death. Personally I don't think vader's gloves are blaster proof. However, his armor IS Saber resistent. He gets nicked without injury in ESB in the Luke vs. Vader fight.

Thanks, Alesh.

There was a major discussion of possibly merging with MovieBattles but Phunk is too dead set on developing just LMS (Last Man Standing) and removing the ability to play with respawn on. That's ok I guess but I still think it would be prefectly fine as a cvar. Sides, I'm paranoid about my code. I'm worried having other codders would break it. :P

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