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Deac: Well...Ken'atra found/stole the Time Matrix. That made Cantina 7 happen. How's this for an idea...while the group believes they're trying to find the Time Matrix, the true purpose of this quest is a sort of 'baptism of fire' to test the group for something...else. Perhaps to be used as a sort of deus ex machina, or simply to create another powerful force for good. Maybe it's the plan of the Aeges, or some other 'Higher Being(s)', to make some good come of a bad thing (the Holocaust).

What do you think?

Scar: No. There will be no combining. That only happened with the Irvines because of something Craynor did to them.

When the surviving PtH characters end up in the main time line, there will be doubles. However because of the character development and changes that are bound to happen through PtH, they will be quite different.

If you don't want doubles, then your characters can always be killed off somehow.

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