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Sorry,. I just GOTTA join in

Sorry,. I just GOTTA join in, the forces difficulty to use is not dependent on mass, but rather someones belief in it being more difficult due to mass. And its obvious everyone thinks like this, if its bigger, then its heavir. Just look in AOTC, yoda picks up his walkin stick easy as pie but when a giant tower thing is falling, he desnt just snap his fingers and throw it at dooku's ship does he? Also, it takes a hell of a lot of concentration to do anything telekenisis wise with it(the force) other than launch everthing in front of you away from you. Just look, you dont see jedi taking droids guns from their hands turning them arund(the guns) and opening fire, because it's to hard! They need concentration to do something, so they couldn't just fly a saber around as it would simply be to difficult to concentrate on aiming your saber while its in mid flight -and you diving out of the way of balster fire- at your opponents face, jedi maybe really wise but they cant multi task there brain! I say sabre throw goes with razoraces idea of a normal throw, not force guided. Anyways, I've said my piece, so I bid you adue, sorry just wanted to say that.
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