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Do you actually properly read anything I post?
I said that's what you might accuse me of!!

And are you saying that when Vader threw his saber at Luke, he was actually attempting a saber throw, but it went wrong or something? he didn't pull it back? Or he forgot to?

That was ONE instance - as far as I'm concerned, done for dramatic effect and nothing more.
(Personally, I think Vader threw the saber at Luke to point out the emotional termoil he was going through at having to fight his son - but that's just my interpertation...)

To use that as a justification to call saber throwing movie-realistic is a REAL stretch.

Not stretching what the force can do, (I don't wanna go down that road again..), but the idea that was a normal thing a Jedi would do in the first place.

Like you say, the saber is your life. it's a reckless thing to throw it away! And Vader, uber-powerful jedi - didn't have the power or the sense to pull it straight back?!

hang on - I've just realised something! I assume that Vader walks over and picks up the saber off the ground. But of course, you could argue that he pulled it back after a short pause - it was off camera after all...

OK - I'm not going to try and go on about this too much, because the 'evidence' can be interpereted different ways...
But do you accept it's at least possible that might be in the film just for dramatic effect, and NOT an indiciation of normal, average saber combat?

Please - give me a bone!! For the love of Yoda!!

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