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Originally posted by Nemios
[B]Well, if I'm right you can dodge only if you have force mana left. So the real problem is: how can we set the force pool level for each bot? (stormies should not use force powers either) That's a feature I really desire. (Maybe something like trueview.cfg)
not yet. The Force Meter will be converted to a fatique meter eventually.
Now some improvements (cool MOD!):
1. A new position for the dodge meter or a HUD for it (not so important for now, only for a better visual effect). Different solution: don't use a different "pool" to dodge, take directly from force pool like when you jump, that drains force even if you are playing without force powers. This could fix another problem: when you are low in dodge points AND in mana points you are forced to wait the refill of the dodge pool to use any force power because the recharge capability of the force is absorbed by the drain pool. With a sole "pool" you can "decide" if you want to save points fore possible dodges or if you want to spend them for a force power without the possibility to dodge.
There's a reason for seperate pools. They are seperate so you can kill someone without fully depleting their Fatigue/Force Meter (which will be harder to do in the future). The positions and styles will change once me and the team get around to changing the HUD system.
2. Secondary mode for blaster rifle:
maybe. We're still working on it. The problem is that you gotta make the stun setting weaker than primary otherwise everyone would probably use it all the time.
3. Make a sound when you dodge (like when you hop to jump): this is useful when you are in first person 'cause while you fight you can't really see if you dodged (=better be careful for the next strike) unless you look the dodge meter, which could be distracting in the heat of the combat.
I agree. We'll probably add a sound and visual flash color to Dodge v2.
4. Roll in 1st person using weapons other than the saber
We will eventually.
5. When you fall after a saber clash or a force push you should not be able to dodge. Every time I win a saber clash I can't hit my opponent on the ground!
hmmm. I thought I had fixed that. Please explain the problem farther.
That's all for now. I like this MOD very much and TrueView is exactly what I mean for a real FPS (Maybe only Virtual Reality is better).

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