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I want to add a comment towards the original topic of the thread..

I felt that the beginning of the game had a great movie autmosphere. When things queited down you could hear the classic 'beeping' from when obi turned off the Death Star's tractor beam. The ambient music during slow times also matched that mood. When things picked up the music was also very Ep 4ish. Another thing that kept it movie feeling were some of the level aspects. Alot of wall textures resembled Star Destroyer and Death Star textures a TON. And every Imerpial computer console looked EXACTLY like how they did in the movies. But soon after the Kejim base things started to become less like the movies.

I have to give Raven som slack, because they surely can't limit all of their levels to exact SW envirnments. Artus Mine was a entirely unique level, but alot of it reminded me of the trash place in cloud city (on the screen for five seconds...) and a little like the trash room in the Death Star. However, I expected to the detention area to look a bit more like what we saw in the Death Star. I assumed this because the Imperials like to make everything uniform, and exactly like everything else (clones, anyone?), so a similiar cell block design to the death star's probably wouldn't be too far fetched to suggest.

Few problems with enemies during the beginning... those brown dudes with the yellow blasters. Uh... who are these guys? I've never seen or heard of them before JO. And we never got to see the stormtrooper gatling gun. I'd rather have that than Raven's repeater gun/shotgun. The crossbow also behaved in a way that was surprising to me. I never played the first JK, so I'm fresh from the theaters.. and quite honestly the crossbow bieng a slow moving non deflectable fat blob of green blaster really took something to get used to.

Since most of my complaints in the last paragraph didn't really happen until later, I think the beginning of the game was the ideal movie to game experience. Kejim base was damn good as far as the SW feel goes.

So it goes.
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