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Originally posted by razorace
What more justification do you need? If it's in the movie, it's in the movie.

Obviously, it'll have to be carefully redone or it'll will be abused. I imagine the fatigue cost, having to recover the saber manually, and teh defenselessness will be enough of a insentive to not spam it.
hmm.. fatigue cost? Watch out now.. while I do like RPG's, I like straight forward action games too. I believe giving the player the inconvenience of having to pull it back on his own, taking more time and attention from battle, will be enough to deter spamming. And when it comes to moves like saber throw, simply detering abuse of the move is all that's really needed.

edit- or did I read that wrong, and you just mean mental fatigue to the player? I don't think adding stats to the game is a good idea. The force stats are RPG enough for this action game.

So it goes.
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