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Originally posted by razorace
*shrug* Momentum stuff is hard to do without making player feel unresponsive. I'll look into it thou.
yeah, the thought occured to me that it would sooner frusterate the player than add hightened excitment through realism. But think of it this way.... when standing still (yourself, in real life) you can jet off in a givin direction much like the animations in the game. But stopping and jetting off in the opposite direction is a little harder. If you can manage a system that allows a player to jet from standing, but have slower responses when changing directions... then the player would still be able to get the responsiveness gameplay--when stepping smart--as well as realism of momentum issues.

I can imagine that'll be difficult to code... and even more so to shove over the internet in an MP game. I think even a simplified verson would be of value, because the opponent the player faces has the same handicap, right? It's like an equation, what you do to one side you do to the other, as long as the sides are equal you can do whatever you want to acheive the right numbers. (In this case, its movie realism. And for that, we simply need to slow things down. JKIIMP is insanely fast.)

So it goes.
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