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I downloaded MotFv2 the other day, and I have to say that I think it is amazing. I'm trying to get the clan I used to be in (omni) to set up a CTF server that runs it all the time, hopefully they will.
I'm glad you included the cvars you did for personalizing how true view works (among other things) and the justice zone is hilarious. I was wondering if you could include an option through cvars to have trueview work a little differently. My idea is that if you were using your lightsaber you could play in normal third person, and when you performed one of the 3 "special" moves, you would zoom into trueview. Well I guess not really zoom in, that wouldn't be possible I dont think, but switch to true view for the move and then switch back afterwards. Maybe it could also come on when a backstab is performed, and since you can't move anyways while doing these moves, aside from rotating the yellow dfa, it'd be a great time to get a dramatic camera angle.
Are the damage values the same for light sabers? I feel like duels are more lethal when I play with MotF on, but I might just be confused by the dodging.
Thanks for making such a cool mod, I enjoy playing it a lot.
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