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Hope this helps you out

[22:36] <BloodRiot> hi there
[22:56] <BloodRiot> hey... i'd like to ask a favor on behalf of the dark forces 2: jedi knight enchanced mod
[22:56] <BloodRiot> we are hoping to add some moves for dueling like the academy emotes
[22:56] <BloodRiot> is it possible for you guyz to provide some sort of tutorial or example so we can use it?
[22:56] <cHoSeN-oNe> ok
[22:56] <BloodRiot> you'd be fully credited and thanked of course
[22:56] <cHoSeN-oNe> like what kind of example
[22:57] <cHoSeN-oNe> like how to get the animations?
[22:57] <BloodRiot> like the code to add one animation for instance... i'm sure we could take it from there
[22:57] <BloodRiot> yes
[22:57] <cHoSeN-oNe> well, all the animations can be found in anims.h
[22:57] <cHoSeN-oNe> I just used them when calling a command
[22:58] <BloodRiot> that's it... how do you call each anim?
[22:58] <cHoSeN-oNe> for some of them, I would have to freeze or else they would happen too fast
[22:58] <cHoSeN-oNe> okay...for example
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> have you seen the beg command
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ?
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> in JA mod
[23:00] <BloodRiot> yeah
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> would go something like this
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->freeze = 1;
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->ps.pm_type = PM_NORMAL;
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->ps.saberMove = LS_NONE;
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->ps.saberBlocked = 0;
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->ps.saberBlocking = 0;
[23:00] <BloodRiot> i've been playing alot in academy lately... exploring it
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> the animation is BOTH_KNEES2
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> if you look in anims.h (in cgame)
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> you will find it there...
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> so all I did, was make it in g_cmds.c to make it available to use
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> the freeze = 1 stops the animation
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> untill key is pressed again to release
[23:01] <BloodRiot> i read ya
[23:01] <BloodRiot> so you open the anim.h file
[23:02] <BloodRiot> then make it available in the g_cmfds.c file
[23:02] <cHoSeN-oNe> ya, look through it and find the animations you want to use
[23:02] <cHoSeN-oNe> right...
[23:02] <cHoSeN-oNe> make a function in g_cmds.c
[23:02] <cHoSeN-oNe> and call that animation
[23:03] <cHoSeN-oNe> however, I made basically 2 animations for each command
[23:03] <cHoSeN-oNe> one when you get on your hand and knees
[23:04] <cHoSeN-oNe> and you also need to one to get up
[23:04] <cHoSeN-oNe> in this case the anim would be BOTH_KNEES2TO1
[23:04] <BloodRiot> i see
[23:04] <cHoSeN-oNe> also found in anims.h
[23:04] <BloodRiot> anims or animtable?
[23:06] <cHoSeN-oNe> anims.h (its in cgame)
[23:06] <BloodRiot> animtable is in cgame.. anims is in game
[23:07] <cHoSeN-oNe> I think they're in both
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> its a shared file
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe>
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> anyways, open that
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> and you see all the animations...
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> some are commented
[23:08] <BloodRiot> oi see them yeah
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> some arent :/
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> I basically went through them all and found the cool ones, hehe
[23:09] <cHoSeN-oNe> but as you can see they're tons of them
[23:09] <BloodRiot> yeah i can see
[23:09] <BloodRiot> you should add more tho
[23:09] <BloodRiot> academy is great for duels with style
[23:09] <cHoSeN-oNe> well, the thing is
[23:09] <BloodRiot> there are more ...mostly the ones reborn use... they are all great
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe> in the JA, we have a rule against manipulating emotes for moves
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe> cause people can do them to get out of a saber lock for example
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe>
[23:10] <BloodRiot> might lead to abuses and exploits?
[23:10] <BloodRiot> yeah i getcha
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe> yeah
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe> I'm working on code now to prevent that
[23:11] <BloodRiot> great then... i'll be keeping my eye on the progress

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