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An idea for styles

Just another suggestion for styles. I think changing/modifying the stances can result in plenty of whining from the community eg "I used to 0wn with red! Now it's poo!"

Perhaps R3 could do away with all the styles, leaving only one (a modified yellow, but it does not show in the stance menu). Since the purpose of Masters of the Force is to make the game more movie-like, spinning may not be that important. I dunno how you guys want it, but I think that maybe we can have a slower spinning attack, instead of that random blue spinning attack. So, if I pressed strafe left + forward + attack, I will swing diagonally to the right. Then if I swing for the second time, I will spin and attack diagonally to the right again. This time, the spin is slightly slower, so you don't get spin spammers.

Then as for the fighting part, it'd be cool to have this counter near the player's HUD. It shows where the enemy is attacking. So if the enemy strikes you down diagonally right, the counter will show you the opposite direction of the attack (diagonally bottom left). This gives the player an idea of how to counter. Mix this in with razor's plan on the defense and I think it'd rock big time
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