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The Beta Server(s) Thread

BOFH has offered to host a beta server of the mod so I'm starting this thread to keep everyone informed about what the heck is going on with the server. The team has talked it over and we've accepted. I'll let people know when it's up and where you can hit it.

The Beta can be found at The current public beta version is Release 3 Beta 3. Please don't host your own perminate servers without letting me know. You can host temp servers to test the game thou.

Please note that the beta doesn't have the manual or trueview.cfg packed. Get those from the R2 release if you need them. In addition, if you're using the same dir for the beta, you NEED to delete the old .pk3 for this beta to work right.

The Server isn't up yet.

UPDATE 4/7/03: I've repacked Beta 3 with the readme and stuff. It's the same version of code so you don't need to redownload it if you have B3 already. The d/l link has been changed to reflect this.

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