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Exclamation Your Attention Please!

As you can see, die-hard regular visitors and returning/new visitors alike.. a lot has changed in these forums.

A lot of forums are now gone... replaced by more dedicated sites and forums.

To see a list of these forums, see the main page (where you login):

Here you can see a list for forums (for example, the forum for Jedi Outcast discussion, and the Star Wars Galaxies Forum, etc).

New features have been added, such as the "Store" where you can use your "points" (see below your name in your profile, or when you login on the LucasForums main page) to purchase board features like custom titles, glowy names, attachments, signature pictures, etc.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at (no spam please).

I usually hang out in the forums, so you can reach me there.

I also re-ordered the forums so they actually make sense now.

Edit (Oct 8,2005): Updated my email. Also is no longer updated, so visit instead! It covers the entire series plus some general Star Wars gaming stuff too (again). The "Forums Battle RPG" is also defunct now with the VB update. But the forums are still a spiffy place to discuss things!

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