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(OOC: Yeah, but this kind of RP is left to the people.)

Craig sat there and the knife ran through his chest. Craig slumped back on his chair, seemingly dead, then a second later his eyes snapped open. Craig sat up and ripped the knife out of his chest and slammed it into the table. He stood up and lifted up Nova, then threw him outside of the bar, then stepped out himself. "Look, if your going to pick a fight, you can at least keep it away from Security droids who can destroy a star destroyer at half power. I didn't mean any offense by calling you a Jedi. I too am a Rogue, but it is no reason to throw a fit because someone called you a 'Jedi.' Chill out. If there's one thing I was taught that was true while I was in the Order, it was that the Dark Side does kill." With that, Craig walked back into the cantina and returned to his drink.
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