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*Cracken's speeder his buffeted by high wind. the speeder stalls, and begins to dive, and Cracken sees the walkway approach quickly. He concentrates, and pulls the speeder 180* up, pointing it to the sky, and accelerates it not by propulsion, but by the Force. he levels out, and with the propuslion drive, he get's the speeder to max. Suddenly, the sky goes from clear to black.

Goddamned, he did it. But how did he know they wanted to turn this world into night eternal? he forces that question out of his mind, and continued. 2 minutes until he got there, till he could find this leader and Rwos.*


*Tojo walked onto the bridge, Admiral Karrak bowed, and gave Tojo his report.*

Tojo: The Republic still hasn't responded to our offer of santcuary.
Karrak:No sir. where's Emperor Starr?
Tojo: He sensed Cracken planetside, and has gone to find him.
Karrak: and the heiress?
Tojo: You mean Alys? *he shook his head* still nothing. Bring in the fleet. get them ready to off lift survivors and fleeing citizens.
*Karrak nodded, and looked at his captain. suddenly, the Imperial Fleet appeared out of hyperspace. the Super Star Destroyers Fade, Ess Pire, and Vengance, with the fleet of Star Destroyers stood ready to take refugees.

((Battledog are you gonna let me begin rescue ops for civi's and govnerment officials?))

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