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((Just to prove you wrong deac, just to prove you wrong...))
Name: Kaildor
Race: Human cyborg (failed experment)
Occupation: Once was a bounty hunter
Carrying: Force sword ((think of it as a light saber thats always on))
:2 bladed blasters
:an old worn trench
:a old picture of a happy family
: C.A.T ((deperrsent))
Bio: A failed cyborg, kaildor has been shuned by all races due to
the flaw in his system. He has been forced to live in the run
down slums of Coruscant, with others that many wished did
not simply exsist. The only reson Kaildor has not lost his mind
is beacuse it is caged in his Processer. He has very slight
force powers, nothing offenfive and nothing and trained jedi
should have aproblem with.

Kaildor stumbaled through the now dead streets of Coruscants slums. he should be dead, the vampire attacks are becoming stronger and more frequent and soon he will not have the strength to carry on.

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