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*Fused Irvine stands looking at the tower as the planet falls into darkness, still consentrating on his arm.*

Fused Irvine: "Neat trick. Heh." 'Okay, now they can at least could say if they were to bring this world to eternal darkness, they can say it with out stating it as a metaphor...'


*Vertmor stands up then brushs himself off. Noticing his lack of shadow he looks at the sky.*

Vertmor: "Ah ha ha ha ha! Kvana Clare the second! You've done it!" *calming down, talking more softly.* "Now lets see how my gifts are under the black sun..."

*Vertmor walks to the balcony edge, eyes glowing red enugh to light the surounding area. Gritting his teeth, he pulls off his cloak and body armour, soon after he yells in pain as two large wings burst from his backside.*


*RH Irvine notices the quick lighting change, and he changes the external sensors to night vision, but with no luck, after a change to Ultra Violet he can barely see what is where with some help using the force.*

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