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*Vertmor with his powers highend, he now continues to develop demonic features. He notices Deac and dodges at an incredible speed, he grabs the saber, destorying the front end not knowing his strength yet. Shortly afterwards he grabs deac by the neck, and pounds him up agenst a nearby wall.*

Vertmor: "I remember that voice. It must have been so long ago to you, yet only a few weeks for I. That 'avatar' that posessed that child, now in that body."

*Vertmor peers down at Deac's belt, seeing the other sabers. he takes them with his free hand and crushes them.*

Vertmor: "Exactly, you should have killed me, maybe..."

*Vertmor becomes interupted by the Bone Reaver's blade impaling through the chest, from behind. Screaming, he drops Deac, as the blade is pulled out of the Vampire's backside. When the blade leaves the body, blood pours from it, draining the Vertmor of his own life blood, stright into the Reaver it is absorbed. Another vampire with demonic facal features holds the Bone Reaver, grinning.*

???: *At the body* "Pathetic child, I shouldn't have created you, your too arongant. Then yet again so was I..."

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