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Vampire: "You don't know me human. But I'm sure that entity that poscess you does. There was once a child who had that in him once, it seemed like an eternity, but yes, I remember that energy like it was a few minutes ago."

*The vampire paces the room in the dark.*

Vampire: "Alas I purposely trapped a portion of my soul onto a plague, and sent it into the heavens so long ago. When I was killed, the rest of my soul rejoined. Sometime later somefool found me, and brought me to this planet, where I remained til Kvana came along. And now I shall remain trapped in this tower forever, a price for my cowardness, unless..."

*As RH Irvine flys past, a quick ray of light perces a few holes in the wall, showing an oddly well dressed Vampire, whom in that brief moment in time he'd seemed to appear 'bat-like'...*

*The Vampire walks over the Vertmor's corpse. He flips the Reaver around on the handle, holding it like a long dagger. Then he strikes the lowerback, bringing the bladeall the way up the back and to the skull. The body levitates as the spine and skull are torn from the body, as it disolves. The Reaver now imbuned the dead vampires power into the blade itself.*

Vampire: "We have to find that weaking brother of his. I want to finish this blade. It'll be the only thing to kill Kvana now with the sun darkened like it is..."


*RH Irvine circles the spire, then he feels his Father close-by. He turns to see a speeder crashing into the wall of the tower, then a man, whom seemed to be jumping fast from one level to another...*

RH Irvine: 'Thats him! It's got to be...'

*RH Irvine pilots the ship up to just above Cracken's level. Then he opens the cargo door, and force jumps onto a balcony. The ship flys away on autopilot to find a suitable landing area on it's own.*

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