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Hibernatus has recently written a nice utility that let you dump and insert the text from/into scumm games, even if the lenght of the text varies.

you can grab the latest version here:

So far it seems to work well, but please note that it hasn't been widely tested yet and that some bugs may be left out.

I've been messing a bit with it, and I've been able to insert special chars in indy3 256...

Since some characters are not supported by the current game files (the , for example doesn't exist in indy3 256), Hibernatus may also create a font editor.

  -1: The Secret of Monkey Island (CD)
  -2: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (CD)
  -3: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (256 colours)
  -4: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (CD)
  -l: Loom (CD)
  -z: Zak Mc Kracken (FM Towns)
  -L: Loom (16 colours) for exporting only (quick and dirty beta function)
  -I: Indy3 (16 colours) for exporting only (quick and dirty beta function)
  -i: Input. Update the game files.
  -o: Output. Extract the text from the game files.
  -f <path>: Input/Output file. (default: ./text.dat)
  -g <path>: Game file. (default: ./00.LFL or ./MONKEY.000 etc.)
  -c: Don't convert characters to the "occidental" set of Windows.
  -b: Don't leave backup copies of the game files.
  -h: Line header.
  -v: Verbose.
  -V: More verbose.
  -w: Windows newline format (\r\n).

 scummtr -2ogf MI2/MONKEY2.000 monkey2.txt
 scummtr -if indy3_fr.txt -3bVc -g I3/00.LFL
BTW, he used ScummVM as a documentaion source, there is nothig directly borrowed / copied. No GPL violation
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