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((OOS: Sorry for delay, was temporarily computer-less. ^^

Cracken: I assume we're talking about the same tower))


*Gilian and Rwos re-enter the top of the tower*

Gilian: Another vampire? *She draws her blade* You should have run with the others while you had the chance.

Rwos: *suddenly realizing* Cracken? What in...

It's definitely Cracken. But what is this? That has to be some sort of magic I'm sensing...else how am I sensing it? But how would Cracken get that kind of power...

*Below the tower, Starr lands his transport. He can sense Cracken, but...different somehow...

He Force leaps into the air, aiming for a path to the top of the tower*


Ulna Shardes

*It took several minutes to calm Farran down. By that time everyone had got the news from the Holonet; the sun over Coruscant was somehow, impossibly, blocked out*

Farran: Magic. It's magic, it has to be.

Artemis: But sir, magic...

Farran: I know! Not in this dimension. But how do you know someone didn't bring it in? Someone like me?

Artemis: Well, of course it's possible... but the amount of power it would take, well...again, possible, but hard to believe.

Farran: I've seen far more unbelievable things in my lifetime.

Artemis: The question remains, what do we do about it?

Farran: We run. Get off this planet, that's what. Get to somewhere less populated, less central to galactic affairs. Somewhere where it's easier to hide.

Artemis: But sir, need I remind you that as far as the galaxy is concerned, Farran Darkholme is dead...along with all the other Imperial Separatist Councilmen, when Starr Hailfire demolished their capital building.

Farran: It isn't the galaxy I'm worried about.

edited because Cracken's not in the same room as Rwos

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