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Vampire: "You don't know me human, that that 'voice' does..."

*Sertmor walks in, the tips of his fingers turned to nubs.*

Sertmor: "You killed my brother."

*the Vampire turns and in a flash quicker then Sertmor can react, is as well impaled by the Reaver.*

Sertmor: *dieing words* "It's you... Vora..."

*The vampire lets the blade slide off the body, then he preforms the same ritual on Sertmor as he did on Vertmor.*

Vampire: "You had ocne a sword, called the 'Starkiller'. If you use it agenst Kvana, he'll only laugh at you. His race would be more highly sensitive to this envioment, increasing his powers. Your lucky that I hate Kvana as well."

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