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Gilian: And we're supposed to believe you have our best interests in mind?

Rwos: The energy that was protecting Kvana wasn't his own magic. It was a effect of the spells he was casting, using a separate energy source.

Gilian: The magic books were protecting him. Protection of that kind doesn't last -he only used it for a few minutes. So what you just said about the blade being the only thing that can kill him was a lie.

*Rwos' comlink buzzes*

Rwos: We're leaving now. *to Deac* You can accept this ghost's offer if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it...


*Starr finally reaches Cracken. He stops dead at the sight.

Something was different about his master. To Starr's senses, there seemed to be a pale, translucent white energy field around and inside him. The field was pulsing, changing...melting through every pore of his body like liquid metal. There was also something about if it was counting down to*

What in the Force...


Ulna Shardes

Farran: We may not have all the materials, but I'll try.

Artemis: *pulling Farran aside* We're taking him with us?

Farran: Yes, why not? Like us, he has nowhere else to go. Also there's something about him...



*The former site of the demolished Cantina*

*Huge, alien construction droids are constructing a building on the site. The top looks like old Cantina, except larger...and with extensive underground construction going on as well.

The woman with the business suit stood watching. Two disguised Shadows stood on either side of her*

Woman: How goes it?

Shadow: On schedule, Ms. Aren.

Woman: Good. Security?

Shadow: Maximum. No breaches yet. A few suspicious observers, but no one...

Woman: Good. Remember, we want the original building completely restored to its original capacity. It's what's below it that will be different. *She turns to look at the mostly-rebuilt Cantina* A dimensional vortex on a little dustball in a godforsaken galaxy like this? Who would have thought...

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