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*Jutrok force runs stright into the blast door, creating a fairly good dent in it. He notices the gas beginning to fill the now enclosed room.*

Jutrok: *to a monitor* "What a shame, most people call the force boundless. I call it not only that but much more, how ever there is still alot of physical limitations, thats why I'm unleashing powers beond my poetental. I bid you farewell..."

*Jutrok puts both hands on the blast doors, and forces them open. He continues to waste more of his life energy getting to a hanger, and stealing a shuttle capable of hyperspace flight, so he can get to Coruscant...*


*RH Irvine reaches Starr.*

RH Irvine: "Ah, yes I remeber you. And your welcome for my actions in helping save those crew members." *suddently notices Cracken. He Jerks his head at him.* 'Is that him? It has to be...'


*Ulna Shardes*

*A lone man in tatherd robes pounds on the doors, jus toutside where Farran, Artemis and Kioet stands.*

Man: "Farran I know you're there. I didn't come all this way out for nothing!"

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