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Rwos: Gilian has a soul. You could say she is a half-vampire.

Gilian: Why do you think we're here? We need to kill the vampires. We know it isn't safe. Also, I believe you're lying. No one in this dimension has the kind of---

Rwos: No. Gilian, he's telling the truth.

Gilian: What?

Rwos: Cracken, we can't leave. We have to stop what is happening. You see the sun? It's being blocked out by a power called "magic". One of the vampire's leaders engineered this - and to stop it we need to find him. The power is spreading, Cracken. In a few days, more suns will be covered. Then more and more, until the entire galaxy is covered in darkness...

Gilian: If we don't stop it quickly, this dimension is going to become a demon playground. So. We aren't leaving.

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