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*After begin put off by his own father, RH Irvine clentches a fist, but he keeps his mind clear, sort of...*

RH Irvine: 'What an arrogant. For force sakes, like I had any choice for leaving, I was only a child.' *It hits him.* 'So thats why a clone of myself was created, argh, how stupid of me...' "Pardon me, seeing is that I just got here, prehaps all I would need to inquire that a 'vampire' created all this mess and thats why all of you are here?"


*Fused Irvine sences himself.*

Fused Irvine: "That little prick. He's here. I might pay one more visit. Seeing is that all the rest of those fools are going to be preoccupied..." 'Granted that my arm still needs a little more time to heal. I might as well pull off come illusion tricks.'

*Fused Irvine rips a metal plank from the floor and throws it at the spire, immeately he force jumps onto the metal plank, propelling him with out using much force energy.*

*The plank hits the tower dead on, a portion is stuck into the wall.*

Fused Irvine: "How sad, I'm about 4 levels [edit]below[/edit] the fools..."

*Fused Irvine begins to conseal his presence. He begins to walk around inside the tower.*

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