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*The three Drakes finally arrive and land at the base of the palaces stairs. Odin steps foward.*

Odin: It is with indescribable joy that I welcome the Drakes back to Asgard and the rest of our worlds.

I have long anticipated the day when those who guarded the Aesir when when we were young would return.

Lead Drake: Odin, the Allfather of the Aesir. You welcome warms my heart. We to have look forward to the day when we would come home. It only gladdens us further to see how you have prospered. With our return so returns the Futhark. In a couple of days the Futhark will be fully restored.

Now Odin, Allfather of the Aesir, do you still claim to be only 4 milinia old?

Odin: Out of habit. Although I now say over 4 thousand years old.

*The lead drake lets out a booming laugh*

Lead Drake: Does anyone know your true age?

*Odin simles and give a slight shrugg*

Odin: As you bring the Furthark back so do we bring the Order of Aktosh back. It will be fully restored in a couple of days as well.

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