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((OOS: Ummmm....whu? o.O Reality check is in order...

How is the entire population of Coruscant realistically going to evacuated?

Where are the NR/Imperials planning to put the entire population of Coruscant?

What gives the NR the right to drag everyone off planet because the whole planet is in a state of nightfall?

Why would the NR evacuate...after all, Flax may have given up but is it realistic for all the other people in the NR to give up because he did? Why is he giving up anyway? So the sun's blocked out...can NR forces not operate at night? *Baffled*

edit: Not to mention that getting everyone off-planet will throw plenty of vampires into the mix. Now the Jedi can't sense Kvana's type, and while they can sense the effects of the dark power of the other type, Kvana drained most of the vampires of it when he blocked out the sun. Just FYI.

edit edit: Hehe. I'm saying "reality check" in an RPG where my character just magically blocked out the sun. Oh, shut up ))

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