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Cantina Six: Postlude to Holocaust Part III

Cantina Six: Postlude to Holocaust Part III, Shadows of the Past

The current Group:

Aidan: Gargolye (male)
Asgardreid: The ship.
Guy: Shadow (male)
Hal: human (male), Jedi Knight
Heimdall: Aesir (male)
Idun: Aesir (Female)
Marin: (Red, what species is she?), (female)
Misea: Human (female) Jedi Knight
Orthos: Human (male), Jedi (?)
Raschel: ? (female), NRI operative
Svafa: Aesir (female), Valkyrie

The group has faced and past the first of what will be many challenges. Aided with a map, they seek out pieces to a mysterious sword. After collecting them they head to Balmora, a desert world that housed an abandoned Aesirian Outpost. There Heimdall began to reforge the sword and another project.

Meanwhile in the lowest plains an army was forming to wage war against the remains of the galaxy.

Two weeks have passed, and Heimdall who barely has rested during that time is just about ready to put the finishing touches on the sword. His other project he finished last night.

Time: 2 months have passed since the holocaust.

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