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Balmora: The Forge

*It was night on Balmora. Heimdall sat at the work bench. The fire was out. The blade was reforged, and Heimdall's second project was finished lay behind him in large boxes.

Picking up his instruments Heimdall carefully finishes the final rune down the blades central fuller. Putting down his instruments Heimdall turns away to address two droids.

While Heimdall is turned away the blade takes on a glimmer. Lightning seems to appear across the highly polished blade. There was a slight crackle, causig Heimdall to turn. He studies the blade when it begins to speak*

Sword: One will not do. More is needed until then speak I shall not.

*Heimdall is taken slightly aback. Still fasinated with the lightning contained in the blade Heimdall quickly issuses orders to the droids, and the outpost. And heads for the Hangar*

Outpost: Everyone report to the Hangar. Everyone report to the hangar. Thank you.

*In the Hangar the droids quickly put down the boxes. On each box was a name of a group member. The box containing Laid across Orthos' box was Starkiller, Hal's sword laid across his box. Each sharpened and in pristine condition. Idun's box had a new sword across it and Svafa had a spear.

Heimdall enters the hangar and is happy to the Droids finishing setting up. Another droid was loading some of the forges equipment into the Asgardreid. Heimdall then waits for the others to arrive.*

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