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I think you need a private mod forum over here to discuss issues, which have been on the rise lately.

Now I know this will gain me a couple of enemies, but I have GOT to address this. Two of your members have been testing the likes of moderators lately. Those two members are Natty, and Yufster, they have been spamming the hell out of The Harbor, and I don't know what is the motivation here, but you mods need to be aware of this, as I have had many supermods from abroad come and clean up the obvious mess. Sorry for overstepping my boundries, but the Harbor is out of control in my opinion, and somebody needs to pm these two and tell them to get with it. I would do it myself, but I do not have jurisdiction at MI, so it would be more appropriet for a MI mod to do so. Sorry if this stirs up any problems, but it HAD to be addressed.
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