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Originally posted by scabb
Um.. there are supermods down here all the time. Remi and Benny are usually on the prowl, and if they think that's somethings up, they sort it. The regular mods also do a good job.

The whole porno thread being closed disgusted me. I mean, really. This forum doesn't need to be run in exactly the same way as all the Star Wars forums, and professor obi-wan shouldn't be sticking his nose in if he doesn't even post here.

And what makes you think that there isn't a private mod forum?

[edit] Yes, posted without prior knowledge of above two posts, okay?
That is garbage, you people are not excempt from the rules of LucasForums, you are here becaue you are a part of LucasForums and you should except that. We start posting threads like that, we may as well say "posty your nekkid pic next". This discussion board is not amune to the rules, so I will revert to my last post, if you have a problem with this, I suggest you PM a LucasForum admin. This game is not a porno, and we don't need porno topics in the Harbor, in fact, I will work extensively with the mods of the harbor to clean up all the crap I have seen there in the past few weeks. Just because alot of you members may be older, does not give you the right to decide what is appropriet for the forums, that is OUR job, and if nobody agreed with me, the threads in question would still be open. I happen to know that two supermods from seperate areas of LF took a look over there today and said "What, is there no order over here?", and I could not answer the question, because I am not a mod here, but they are the ones who closed your threads and what not. Had I been a Supermod, I would have done the same thing a long time ago. You poeple are NOT exempt from the rules of LucasForums, and I suggest you all play from the same rules, or further threads will be closed/deleted and members will be banned, the same as anywhere else. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but this will not continue any longer as long as you are all a part of LF, you WILL abide by the rules of face the consequences.
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