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Big man. Can't even see the sekrit monkeh forums.

These points may or may not relate to things you posted in this thread.

"The Lucasforum fanbase is on average 12 years old"

~You must be 13 years old to sign up, or have parental consent. That means that anyone under 13 who has signed up has already broken a "forum rule" and should therefore be banned or shot.

Also, may I add, this is not the Star Wars forums. The Monkey Island / Mojo forums have never really needed an extremely strict set of rules, because, yes, the fanbase is generally older. In fact, the average Scumm Bar visitor is 18 years old.

This is the Harbour. It has always been as lame as this. People post nonsenical nonsense, and that's exactly what people respond with. I've seen much much worse around the Star Wars forums, with users responding to around 50 threads with simple sentences just to up their postcount.

If you had it your way, nobody would attend the harbour. People don't like being controlled by nazi idiots, a fact which is clarified in any good History class. And people are what are important. Because people means money from advertisements.

If there was a huge problem, then the super mods that hang out here would have attended to it, like I've said before. Those supermods, the ones posting above me. Yes. The supermods that were appointed by, shock horror, admins.

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