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Re: Moderation feedback

Originally posted by The Feral Chicken
I've made this topic so that, should anyone disagree with any decisions made by moderators, you can express your thoughts here.
I think you're doing a shmashing job! (probably not the right time to say this, is it?)

Well actually, yes, because if the prono thing was a problem, FC would have done something about it a lot earlier.

Oh, and yes, of course, we are not exempt from the rules of LF, and neither are Arsen, spam capital of the world. You can't solve spam, it's there, its the annoying kind that we get rid of. the pron thread was not annoying, ti was entertaining, someone found something fun and shared it with us, call it good nature, i'm pretty sure natty didn't mean to offend anyone, and as far as i know, no one was offended. Whats the big deal anyway, i've heard nine year olds talk about more explicit things than i even know of about sex, this isn't the innocent world we all grew up in, twelve year olds by now know it all. They are Generation X, you can't help it.

and finally, how do you know that the average LF member is 12, can i have some statistics? Facts? I doubt the average lf member is 12.


Thank you Scabb, I knew that the average forums member wasn't 12 and Scabb has just explained why, you're just making that up. want real figures, get real statistics and show them to me.

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